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Todd County and Cook - Webb Funeral Homes are unlike other funeral homes in our area. We are LOCALLY owned. Being LOCALLY owned we are able to offer your family much more at a more reasonable cost. Take time to learn the differences in Corporate Owned and Locally Owned Funeral Homes visit the Links page on our web site to learn the difference.

On the escalating cost of funeral service: the cost of funeral services to the consumer has increased significantly in the last decade due to the consolidation of funeral business and the overbuilding of funeral homes by individual owners. Large publicly owned companies paid exorbitant prices for funeral homes and were expected to produce hefty profits and returns to the investors that purchase stock. Who provides those hefty profits? The familes that they serve. Although many consumers are looking for modest price services. Often times the previous owners remain employed by the corporation and are called "managing partners" a managing partner is an employee that holds stock in the corporation not in the individual funeral home.

Simply put, with technology and all the "extras" funeral homes are caused to offer such as candle lighting on a web page or purchasing "extras" at an extreme cost to "personalize" a corporate funeral home is financially driven to improve the overall funeral cost. Some corporate owned funeral homes offer funeral directors commission for sales, others offer a bonus plan for meeting a sales quota's or income revenue quarterly and or yearly. We are not a bonus based business, nor do we have sales quotas to meet in effort to receive a bonus check, therefore what a family can afford to spend is dependent on the family. Never would we want a family to overspend on funeral service cost or put a financial burden on a family in a time of grief.

Americans believe in funerals, but want better value. This is not a new idea, just an old idea whose time has come around again. Fifty years ago, visitations and funerals were held in a home or church or a modest funeral home facility. By keeping the overhead low, the funeral home was able to offer attentive services at a modest price.

Now, Todd County & Cook - Webb Funeral Homes are bringing funeral service full circle by renewing old and sensible traditions. We are convinced that offering services at a fair price to families not only make sense, but is an ethical obligation.

Our products...
Todd County & Cook - Webb Funeral Homes operate in a different way than most funeral service providers. We are not obligated to purchase any inventory from other large publicly traded companies. Our caskets are 100% American made in Tennessee, and we are able to pass price savings on to you because we buy directly from the factory. Our monuments are purchased not through a monument company as a middle man, we buy directly from the granite mines in Georgia. Our belief is to offer the family the very best at the most affordable cost, and not focus on share holders, the stock market or market share, but to focus on the familes that call on us to serve.

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In July 2010, Todd County Funeral Home experienced a great loss in a devastating electrical fire. We remained available to serve the families of Todd County either through the Cook – Webb Funeral Home or the church of your choice. Construction on a new facility was completed in 2011. We appreciated your thoughts, prayers and support as we dealt with this unfortunate setback.

Not only are we Todd County's ONLY locally owned funeral homes, but we are the only 100% American owned funeral homes in Todd County. 

Our caskets and vaults are made in America!

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